Virtual Cycling Challenge 2023

The annual KIWL 500:5000 Challenge takes place from October 1st-31st, with participants challenged to ride at least 500kms and/or climb 5,000 meters of elevation during the month, using the Strava App as your activity tracker.

Ride anywhere, any time, on your own or in a group, at your own pace. This event is the epitome of our motto, 'get fit & give back' and every ability level is encouraged to ride.

You will be entered into a prize draw if you achieve at least 500kms or 5000 meters of elevation. You will be entered twice if you achieve both!

It's easy to join:

  1. Make a Y5,000 (or USD40.00) donation to our chosen charity as your participation fee.
  2. Go to your Strava account and ask to join our dedicated Strava club.
  3. Go riding as much as possible in October!

Winners are announced in November, only residents of Japan are eligible for prizes. If you don't have a Strava account, it is free to join.


All participants take part at their own risk. KIWL and its members are not responsible for any injury or accident which occurs during the event. Please take the necessary precautions you would ordinarily do on all your activities. ALL participants MUST have a valid bicycle insurance in Japan.



The month of October 2023


Any time, any place, anywhere!