500km Cycle Ride

The inaugural KIWL ride in 2013

A 500km 4-day cycling tour through Japan, for up to 50 cyclists of all ages, abilities, and nationalities. 2023 is our 10th anniversary ride and 50 cyclists have signed up!

Each rider needs to be well trained, and physically ready for the challenge. Each day is 100-150kms, some of it flat, some mountainous. Why do KIWL riders keep coming back? The camaraderie, the significant personal achievement, they meet the kids for whom they are raising funds, and they ride through breathtaking scenery.    


We split the Peloton into smaller groups led by an experienced KIWL Veteran. The ride spans four challenging days. Each of the first three days are well over 100kms with at least 1,000 meters of elevation. Day 4 is shorter so that we arrive at the children's home in good time.

Is The KIWL 500 For You?

You don't have to be an elite cyclist, it's not a race. Less experienced cyclists can do it but they must commit to training hard in the months prior. It is not suitable for total beginners. You need to be fit and have an adequate road bike. It is a challenging endurance ride.    

What Is Expected of a Participant?

The KIWL 500 is principally a fundraising event. Within the trip costs, a ¥50,000 donation to our chosen charity is included. However, if you independently raise ¥50,000 or more in donations, the entry fee is reduced by ¥50,000. Alternatively, if you introduce corporate sponsors, the donation request is waived. Overall cost including the ¥50,000 donation, is about ¥150,000 (subject to change).

Corporate sponsorships range from ¥150,000-¥1,000,000 with logo's placed on the cyclists' kit. Companies make a direct donation to our chosen charity, ensuring that it directly benefits kids in care.

KIWL 500 2022 Peloton & Support Crew

How Can I Apply?

Applications have closed for this year's ride. However, if you are keen to get a flavour, we have a KIWL Lite event in October, approximately half the distance but with a great dose of the beautiful Japanese countryside. If you are interested, please get in touch. info@kiwl.net



June 1-4, 2023.


Departure: Utsunomiya Destination: Ichinoseki