Imperial Palace Walk/Jog

Sponsors of the KIWL Imperial Palace Walk/Jog:

Choosing your convenient time, our participants are invited to walk or jog around the Imperial Palace for an hour or more, individually or in groups, and get a lovely souvenir KIWL t-shirt while supporting kids in care! A 'low-barrier' event for anyone at your own pace!

Particularly popular with company teams at the end of their working week seeking some community contribution while getting fit!

Intralink staff getting fit & giving back in 2023!

Team Robert Walters, 2022
Participants walk/jog entirely at their own risk. KIWL and its members are not responsible nor liable for any injury or accident which occurs during the event.
参加者は完全に自己責任でウォーキング/ジョギングします。 KIWLおよびそのメンバーは、イベント中に発生したいかなる怪我や事故についても責任を負わないものとします.



Watch this space for our Spring 2024 event


Sakuradamon Gate, Imperial Palace (near Sakuradamon station exit)